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Here are samples of songs that I have voiced using David Sudnow's color tone rules.
My journey with The Sudnow Method began in January 2006. The excitement continues.

Here is a link to the Sudnow website for more information.

09-04-06 Misty - Whole Tone Fills.mp3

11-07-06 Misty - Syncopated A Section.mp3

12-06-06 Doxy Take 2 (with metronome)

01-06-08 Blue In Green - BIAB accomp.midi

01-06-08 My Foolish Heart.mp3

01-16-08 When Sunny Gets Blue.mp3

05-24-08 Autumn Leaves.mp3

07-12-08 Santa Claus is Coming to Town.mp3

Starting with my 7/12/08 listing of "Where or When", I am looking at a fakebook as I play. I am figuring out what to play on-the-fly using Sudnow's approach. Starting with "Where or When", I am no longer memorizing songs like I did with the songs posted above.  One of the goals of The Sudnow Method is to be able to play from a fakebook using full, lush sounding voicings of chords. The final goal of the course is to play by ear.

07-12-08 Where or When.mp3

01-22-09 Earth Angel.mp3

Below is an original composition remembering David Sudnow

04-10-09 Thoughts of Suds.mp3

Below are more original compositions composed/recorded in April and May 2009:

Spring is Blooming

Silent Footsteps

Forever in My Loving Arms



The Children's Waltz

Our Love Will Last Forever

A Song in the Heart (Puts a Smile on the Face)

Hopelessly Lost in Love

Soaring Like a Sparrow

The following 2 Beatles songs were recorded October 2009:


The Fool on the Hill